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For whom is this program "Viaje con sentido" for?

The program is especially aimed at people who are committed to nature conservation and conservation of biodiversity. We are looking for motivated and enthusiastic volunteers who are upfront with new experiences, people and different lifestyles. The volunteer should also be able to work together as a team and get along with people from other countries in limited space.

We are looking for volunteers who are flexible, adaptable and interested in new topics and environments. In addition, the volunteer should have a great understanding of sustainability and climate change and be able to deal with these issues in a self-reflecting way. Also, we would appreciate a respectful handling with animals and nature.




The volunteer program Viaje con Sentido is designed for people who are interested in nature conservation. During the stay the task for the volunteers can be as followed:
- Regular patrols of the beaches at night, measuring the mother animals and marking the nests.
- Resettlement of eggs and nests in the nursery
- cleaning and checking of the inventory
- Group work and partner work
- Data collection and processing
Depending on the time of the year and breeding season, the tasks may be different. Additional tasks can be maintenance or renovation of buildings and facilities.
We recommend a minimum stay of 2 weeks in the project. Like that you have some time to get to know the environment and the team. In general, the longer the stay, the more intense and varied the time will be in the project.



The internship program is designed for professionals, students and people working in the field of sustainability and nature protection.
As an intern, you are mainly contributing in positions for biological research and volunteer group coordination. The interns should be able to mediate between the local workers and volunteers.
From experience, we recommend an internship period of at least 3 months. Like this we guarantee that the intern is able to carry out all actions under his responsibility and that he learns new content and methods. We recommend a basic level (A2) of the Spanish language and experiences in biological-zoological topics.

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